Chip Beck

“The secret to success in golfand lifeis positivity!” –     Chip Beck 59


Chip’s Mission

To inspire confidence while teaching others to play golf with the latest technology, right from your smartphone.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Four-time PGA tour winner
  • 3 Time Ryder Cup Member
  • The man who shot a 59 (hence the nickname)
  • Also known as the “pros’ pro
I can use my years of playing and teaching golf to speed your improvement with every club in your bag.  


Chip, it was great to meet you and your golf clinic was terrific.  I also enjoyed the three holes we played. It was a wonderful day in every way.

I look forward to putting your tips in play.


Chip, I broke a 100 for the first time and shot a 96!  The PerfectMotion App helped me to see and understand Side Bend.   

Thank you so much,


Chip, WOW! Nobody does it like YOU!  Thank you VERY MUCH for your insights into golf, human nature, and life!   I had the best day and my game has already improved.

With admiration, appreciation, and kindest best wishes, David

Chip Beck PGA Tour Professional