Canada Recap

On the First Tee in Montreal

I’m so thankful today that I’m in Canada, which is a very peaceful and vibrant country. With what is going on in Athens, Greece, I’m honestly thankful for my family that we are Americans living in homeland peace.  My missing the US Open qualifier in Hamilton, New York yesterday at the Colgate University golf course, Seven Oaks, I’m not so worried that I shot 74. We are so lucky to have our country right now, we just need to protect and make the right decisions politically in the next few years to protect our economy to prevent the slide that is happening all throughout Europe.

The second annual Montreal Championship is happening this week at the 7,105 yard Club de golf Le Fontainebleau, which is a very modern, classic layout featuring undulating greens, and well placed bunkers. Le Fontainebleau’s three closing holes, nicknamed the “Hat Trick” build to a great climax around a large lake. It’s something the members look forward watching to see if a player will score a “Hat Trick” birdies on the final three holes of the championship.

On the downside of playing professional golf, this past weekend I missed my nieces wedding in South Carolina. Therefore, I’m catching up on all the activities through my wife who attended and had a wonderful time with all of my family. It’s hard to make all the weddings since my ten siblings have 36 children. Just this year we have had three weddings to date. So there will be lots of parties for the Becks in the near future, which I pray occur opposite my playing schedule. People always look at the “glamour” of the tour but forget about all the sacrifices that have to take place to perform well. I think players miss most of all the daily happening and events of their families, and when we look back this just goes with the territory of most jobs that require you to travel. Kind of like the American Dream, going for it and exploring new territory, which is in our blood as golfers and Americans.

Also, at this time I’m looking forward to playing at Pebble Beach next week for our First Tee Tournament out on the Monterey Peninsula. I’ve not been there in the summer since the US Open back in the 80’s, so I’m hoping it’s not the coldest winter I’ve experienced to date.

Check us out this week in Montreal via the Golf Channel; I’m sure it’s going to be a great and exciting tournament, especially with the world’s largest jazz festival going on in Montreal this Fourth of July. To give you some scope as to the size of the Festival International de Jazz, there will be 30 countries represented, 3000 musicians, 650 concerts, bringing out 2.5 million people.  It will be a lot of fun from noon until midnight every day this weekend, I’m sure the golfers will catch some of the action.  So until later hit em straight and have a great week.  Chip