Personalized Coaching with Chip Beck

It’s virtually smart golf on your smartphone with me, Chip Beck, 4 Time Winner on PGA Tour, 3 Time Ryder Cup Member, 2nd person to shoot 59 and player on PGA Tour, and Champions Tour.  

PerfectMotion® makes it easy.

The PerfectMotion® app is a uniquely-personalized and immersive golf training system that allows you to quickly learn and feel correct body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback.

  • I’m with you on every swing and putt
  • Train anywhere, anytime, with or w/o ball
  • Improve with every club
  • Use video snapshots to complete the picture

PerfectMotion® real-time connection keeps me informed and speeds your improvement. Tap below on your mobile to install:



How it Works

Thanks to a new AI-based training system, I’m with you on every swing and putt, providing instruction and confidence — your engagement generates the data I need to understand where you are and how to keep you on track. I can coach you from anywhere! Here’s how it works:


  • You train daily, or as often as you can, with the PerfectMotion® training system, customized to you

  • I’m with you on every swing and putt, giving you continuous expert feedback


  • I email your personalized plan for the week, based on the results of your training

  • Your plan includes the focus and tips for the week, along with adjustments to the training system to help you progress


Membership Level change

You have selected the 59 Club for $159 Monthly membership level.

As your coach, I focus on technical skills and your mental approach.

  • Zoom call to set up goals (15 minutes)
  • Upload your swing - less than 30 seconds
  • 4 tips a month for you to practice
  • Let's get started!

The price for membership is $159.00 per Month.

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