Personalized Coaching with Chip Beck

Why am I going virtual? Now that we’re doing practically everything from a distance, virtual golf lessons make perfect sense. No matter where you are, simply download the PerfectMotion app and you can bring my golf expertise right to your smart device. You get one-on-one personal coaching, just like you would in person. But it’s guidance focused on a specific fault, as analyzed by the app’s artificial intelligence. And you can rewatch your lesson over and over to keep on improving.

PerfectMotion® makes it easy.

The PerfectMotion® app is a uniquely-personalized and immersive golf training system that allows you to quickly learn and feel correct body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback.

  • I’m with you on every swing and putt
  • Train anywhere, anytime, with or w/o ball
  • Improve with every club
  • Use video snapshots to complete the picture

PerfectMotion® real-time connection keeps me informed and speeds your improvement. Tap below on your mobile to install:



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You have selected the 59 Club for $159 Monthly membership level.

As your coach, I focus on technical skills and your mental approach.

  • Groove repeatable, efficient body motion with every club
  • Measure your success with PPIPerfectMotion Performance Index
  • Track improvement, daily training, and weekly personalized plan
  • Focus yourself; I can now coach you from anywhere anytime
  • Challenge yourself continuously with my expert feedback
  • Let’s get started!

The price for membership is $159.00 per Month.

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