Enjoying the sounds of birds

Florida is so great. I opened my window this morning it was about 50 degrees out, and the first thing I see is a Great Blue Heron patiently waiting for a fish. I watch him tilt his head watch and stab the water a few times. Then all of a sudden a White Egret flies over and drops right beside Big Blue, holding his ground you can see the fish starting to get active and the Blue Heron gains control chasing the White Egret away. I felt as if God gave me a great present

being able to watch the birds from my bedroom.  What is amazing this was only the beginning. I took a long walk around with my shirt off and got lots of sun, half way through my walk I see a Pleated Woodpecker, then another joins up on a dying pine tree. They were looking for something to eat, but it also looked like they were looking for a nesting site. They were so active, with their red crest, zebra -striped heads, and long neck with long bills. I was amazed to see two together playing and getting their nest together for this coming spring. It has been a few years since I’ve seen a Pleated Woodpecker, probably since last playing around Pinehurst in the 90’s where there were a lot of woodpeckers.  Since childhood growing up in the pine forests of North Carolina the Pleated Woodpecker has been my favorite to spot. It makes you feel special to see such wonderful creatures going about their day. I loved it.Outside my window

If Valentines Day could start better, this evening I had the pleasure to be present for the unveiling of the Bobby Nichols place at Fiddlesticks Golf and Country Club. Nancy, Bobby’s wife, looked fabulous per usual, but especially tonight in her red dress. What is so wonderful about Bobby and Nancy is that their boys Rick and Craig, who are so handsome and well respected, honor their parents with so much love. Both of them are working in the golf business, making their ways with great companies.  It is always a joy to see their children and wives because it really gives you hope as a parent that families can truly be wonderful in their own unique way.  God has blessed Bobby with many friends and family, I was honored to be able to attend the unveiling of the stone. Life can truly move you when people are honored for the right things, and honored while they are alive so they can enjoy the festivities with their family.  Congratulate Bobby on a job well done, and don’t forget it’s been 50 years since he won the PGA Championship.