Great App – PerfectMotion

Thank you, all my fans, for waiting so long for me to get this blog up and running once again. What’s so amazing about this “staying at home” for the longest time in my life, I have actually been very busy with a new company called PerfectMotion. A while ago, I met Tim Tierney when we were teaching together in Florida. Tim is a real pro with his students, a creative teacher, as well as, he treats everyone with genuine respect and grace. Tim introduced me to the Boston team that is transforming golf instructor’s lives. True digital coaching is finally here, incorporating real time lessons, remotely anytime, any place across the world. Coaches can finally teach through a new language called Motion Maps. PerfectMotion’s app can pinpoint 18 different faults in your golf swing, through artificial intelligence, then instantaneously, gives you your coaches fix via a video, with snapshots. One area that has grown is the ability to measure spine tilt very accurately and precisely. The AI has discovered that spine tilt is one of the most important measurements for proper compression and lag in the golf swing. Also, in the App’s putting area, PerfectMotion is measuring head tilt, along with head movement. For the putting instructors, this will be an area of new growth and development leading to better teaching of putting. New discoveries are fun to be around, especially, in an area that I’ve spent my life enjoying and trying to understand. Keep your eyes open for Perfect Motion; it’s going very strong.

This golf season, my wife and I are becoming Florida residents; we really love the great weather, especially from October to April. I think it’s the best weather in the country during this time. Being from the south, I love this time of year when it’s getting upwards of 95 degrees with high humidity. You can’t beat it! As a matter if fact, I’m getting ready for a long walk this afternoon, and can’t wait to get into the heat.

So until later, have fun and stay positive. Life is what you make it!