Honorary Chair for the Stadion Athens Classic & Beau Rivage Classic

Being the Honorary Chair for the Stadion Athens Classic,  was an event that I won’t forget for a long time.  My alma mater was the perfect host for using the PGA Tour to raise money for need-based scholarships.  The University of Georgia’s inaugural event was an outstanding success.  One of the most outstanding achievements was the Tickets For Charity that raised over $90,000.  This program was so well received because any 501c3 throughout the state could donate money to the Stadion Classic, and the tournament would reverse those funds allowing the donor to offer it back to their charity of choice.  It was a win- win for the tournament and local charities, in addition, the tournament will be much more successful next year as people throughout the state understand how this new concept works to help their local community.    Ingenious!   Seeing Coach Hack, George Stafford, and all the volunteers pull this Nationwide tournament together with such ease and grace surely impressed everyone involved.  Tim Chapman the Chairman of Stadion has indicated that they are very happy with how much their clients and employees enjoyed the event, which are looking forward to growing the event into the best on the Nationwide Tour.  Congratulations are in order for the innovative thinking on the part of President Adams and the University of Georgia for undertaking this new adventure.
On another note, playing in Mississippi’s Beau Rivage Classic enabled me to gain confidence in my game, which will put me in great stead moving into Birmingham.  The Beau Rivage did an outstanding job of pulling the tournament together in less than 6 months.  Tom Fazio’s course was one of the most fun and challenging that we play on the Champion’s Tour, and quite possibly the toughest bunkering on all the tours.  I’m looking forward to playing there again next year, furthermore, I believe the weather will cooperate and people will turn out to watch such an exciting event. The galleries couldn’t have been happier to have all our great players in their area helping the world know that Mississippi has landing on its feet after the eye of the storm hit their state directly.  Today encouraging news has emerged with respect to the oil spill, as the winds have kept the oil slick off shore for a few more hours, which has helped the Coast Guard get a better handle on handling this eminent disaster to the whole Gulf Coast area.  We will be praying for the speedy resolution and clean up of the area.
On a happier note, I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, I know I will as I’m so fortunate to be spending Sunday with my family.  Until later, hit em straight.