I Just Finished My Season

I just finished my workout today; one hour on the treadmill, one hour on the elliptical, getting my heart rate up into the low 170’s. It’s invigorating; however, from there I lifted a few weights, worked on my abdominal crunches, finishing off with a side twisting machine, then a hot whirlpool. This is what I enjoy most of the time when it’s 10 degrees outside in Chicago. It’s a good way to make me feel good about living in a cold climate, instead of 75 degrees in Florida, like last week.

This past Monday my friend Frank Morley set up a golf charity event for the Founders Fund of Naples, which helps put college kids through school. I played the Club at Pelican Bay with Jim DeMallie, Director of Golf Operations for the club, Ray Crimini, and Joe Mcleod. The rains came at about the 13th hole; however, I had a wonderful time playing a very nice course that I haven’t played before that was in excellent shape. This time of year in Naples, Florida is very hard to top anywhere in the world for great weather, atmosphere, and restaurants.

Our foursome was so much fun; however, Joe Mcleod was so interesting for me, because I remember Joe from Highland Country Club when I was only 13 years old. Joe had more names and stories that took me way back to a time that was very important to my golf development, probably as wonderful a time period as I’ve had in my life. Remembering was no problem for Joe, being a UNC trained lawyer, with a memory like a trap door. Stories about his exploits just rolled off his tongue. An example, he was good friends with Raymond Floyd, gave up his place in Chapel Hill for Ray, and then became his personal attorney. I haven’t had such a good time going back in time in my whole life. Ralph Shelton was another wealthy good old country boy with no education, that I played with many times, Ralph had a personality that you could never forget being –almost like a Jackie Gleason type- Joe stated that of all the many years as a lawyer he never met someone as smart as Ralph, which I didn’t know, I just loved his zest for life and his shenanigans. One of the great success stories was from the Drake family. When I was ten years old Galen Drake use to caddie at Highland, along with his father and brother, if my memory serves me well; their family was always so kind, helpful, and good at caddying. Recently at an airport, one of the young Drake’s came up to Joe asked him if he played at Highland many years ago, which he had, this young man remembered caddying for Joe, then proceeds to tell him that he was a MD in charge of a very large hospital in North Carolina. Knowing this made me feel so good, and very proud of Galen who I think was his father for rearing such a successful son. Joe can tell you all the details, I just can’t remember all of them due to so many stories and so many people that we reminisced about. I always enjoy hearing of a person that overcomes great odds to be successful. It’s like the old saying, “it’s not what you have achieved that’s important it’s what you have overcome to achieve success that is important.”

This is a very good segway into Tony Evans, who was my teacher at Highland through my college days, by coincidence he called me today, we talked about my game, how it’s going with our families, what new books on golf that we’ve read, etc . Well, Tony has been so kind as to blog for my web site in the next month or so about many topics related to his enormous impact on all the young boys(probably 15 or more)that he taught receiving division one golf scholarships, or about the good old days teaching me to play golf. So I’m looking forward to what he has to say.

To farther this, my good friend Dr. Wayne Glad, a Phi Beta Kappa, clinical psychologist/sports psychologist, that co authored my book with me Focused For Golf, is going to start a bi-monthly blog for my web site discussing various topics related to playing good golf and enjoying your life. Wayne will amaze you with his knowledge as to how to make your life happier/ more fulfilled through the experiences of a golfer. He will start this month, which I can’t wait to see what he will post with his sense of humor, candor, and brilliance.

Thank you Tony and Wayne for all your kindness to me and my family over the years, you both have made my life more complete with many blessings. I feel very fortunate to have such outstanding people interested in displaying their talents and interests on my web site. So until later, let me know what you would like to our team of VIP’s to discuss and we’ll get right on it. We always appreciate good direction from our friends.

Sincerely, Chip