Let the 2012 begin

As we begin this New Year, I’m always geared up to perform better than the past year. It’s important to learn from my past, put it behind me, and then move more positively into a much brighter future. This is the joy as well as the challenge for 2012. The way that I find to be most effective in reaching new goals and keeping my resolutions is to reinforce enthusiasm and gratitude.  Aristotle said, “Happiness is working for it.” What this means is to enjoy the process of facing new challenges with a presence of

character that keeps you in the present moment not getting to far ahead of yourself.  Even Steve Jobs said, “The journey is the reward.”  Sports psychologists will tell you by setting intermediate goals that can be reached on a daily basis are one of the best tools for making long-term improvement.  Being able to take small steps enables you to keep your ideas simple, not introducing too much change in your game to quickly, and moving positively toward your goal of changing habits for stronger play.  Some weeks all I focus on is acceptance and allowing things to take place without trying to force events, this stops focusing on a result that you want which can short circuit the improvement.  I love achieving small steps along the way, because it helps you feel like you are moving toward a brighter future.  It gives you real hope. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy working out. Exercise helps me feel like I’m giving myself the best chance to swing in the best way possible. I hate feeling like I can’t make the moves needed to be my best. Playing a lot of golf is very physical, especially stressing your small tendons and ligaments, so you have to condition yourself if you want to have longevity in golf, but most importantly, if you want to have a life free of pain so you can stay active and enjoy your life long into your 80’s.

One of the great big products of acceptance and gratitude is the thankfulness you’ll feel when your life has real purpose and direction. So by not overstressing, pressuring, and “wanting” so much you’ll find that you have a much happier attitude. Therefore, I recommend that you have a mental goal that you can accomplish no matter how you play, putting yourself in the best possible mode for reaching into 2012 with enthusiasm and joy.  So keep the faith and have a wonderful time going after your heart’s desire.  See you in the next few weeks; the first tournament that I’m playing is the Allianz Championship in Boca Raton, Florida the week of February 10.  Happy New Year! I hope to see you in a positive state of mind.

Get the birdie feeling