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AI Powered.  Pro Delivered.  Rapid Results.

Join the 59 Club, I will bring my positive energy and experience to your golf game.


$159 Monthly Subscription includes:

    1. Welcome to my Rapid Results program:
      • Personalized: Receive a program tailored to your goals and my teaching approach.
      • Effective: Immediate feedback on every swing helps you quickly develop the proper feel.
      • Automatic: The app’s AI and my guidance keep you focused and on track.
      • Rapid Results: You’re now on the path to better golf and lower scores from your very first week.
      How it works:
      • I send you a weekly email outlining your new focus and activities for the week, including tips and drills.
      • You use PerfectMotion daily, the same way as the tour pros.
      • As you improve, the app moves you up to the next skill level.
      Get started now:
      1. Complete this short goals questionnaire.
      2. Install PerfectMotion and do a session with each club.
      3. I’ll send you an email confirming our start.
      4. Introductory 15-minute real-time lesson via phone call.
      5. Unlimited access to Chip’s videos and drills.

The price for membership is $159.00 per Month.

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