59 CLUB – Monthly Subscription for Better Golf

AI Powered.  Pro Delivered.  Rapid Results.

Join the 59 Club, I will bring my positive energy to your golf game.

Rapid-Result Program

    1. Learning: The program is based on how we Immediate feedback from the app enables adjustment/result, trial and error, cycles and results in self-discovery and feel.
    2. Expertise: PM plus the instructor’s guidance and focus Takes a minute or two per student per week.
    3. Objectives: Program is based on the instructor’s protocols and the student’s PM focuses and captures all of the student’s activities.
    4. Results: By holding the student accountable, the student shows steady progress and stays on track (in between lessons).


$159 Monthly Subscription includes:

Program Implementation

    1. Simple online goals questionnaire (web-based).
    2. Weekly overrides and direction (text or email).
    3. Student uses Tour Pro Regime
      • Daily training session
      • Work from green back to tee
      • Snapshots
      • Shots rating & PerfectTraces

Includes access to instructor’s private digital library of tips and drills to help student achieve weekly