How the APP works

It’s virtually smart golf on your smartphone with me, Chip Beck, 4 Time Winner on PGA Tour, 3 Time Ryder Cup Member, 2nd person to shoot 59 and player on PGA Tour, and Champions Tour.  

Some Drills, Skills and Thrills All in The 59 Club

More Than A Feeling

Golf is a game, find the feeling of emoting with your shots.  It feels good, let my positive energy help you find joy that brings you back to your game one shot at a time.

Goat Putting Drill

Jack Nicklaus was generous to share his putting technique with me, watch this drill and practice how your can improve your putting too.

Seve Bunker Shots

Watch Seve perform his magic at  xxxxxx tournament.  Now let me show you how you can learn his technique and make your own magic