Start of Year

In Pebble Beach
In Pebble Beach

For the past few weeks iv’e been in Florida prepping my game for the year. I can’t say it’s been all fun and games, because I haven’t qualified or played in a tournament yet. Sometimes it’s discouraging,so I keep reminding myself that it’s a long year and that I’ll be ready when the opportunity presents itself. One thing that has made the year start  off slowly is that in December I transformed my whole equipment into the newest, and most dynamic Callaway irons and woods available. Everything is so much better, however, to get the playability where it needs to be takes a little more time than you would first think. I love the new Razor Fit Irons because the flange is thinner and is more playable in all circumstances. Also the driver and three metal are one step better than last year, due to a better face design which kicks up the ball speed. For example, the three wood is longer with a very good flight which enables me to play it off a tee very well. Having a stronger three wood enables me to reach the par fives with a little more ease, but also, helps me reach the long, tight par fours with a little shorter club. In the long run, I’m setting up my year to be very successful.

On a very engaging note, I was honored to be invited to play in two charity events hosted by two great players of the game. Bobby Nichols, his family, and Fiddlesticks Country Club run the Nichols Cup which raises money for three children’s charities in the Ft. Myers, Florida area. The money’s are split amongst the charities allowing them to keep their doors open to abused, homeless, and hungry children. With 125 volunteers from Fiddlesticks Country Club the group raises somewhere in the million dollar mark, which truly is heart warming and so  necessary to keep children from suffering and falling through the social cracks.

Jack and Barbara Nicklaus also hosted an event at Lost Tree Country Club in North Palm Beach, Fl. Helping local children through the  Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. Participants feel so moved by how many children are helped through the Nicklaus Children’s wing at the Miami Hospital that their event raises more and more money each year. I’ so moved myself that I too feel honored to help as well.

Congratulations to both events, I’m so happy that golf has these charity events which enable me as a player to feel gratitude-thankfulness about my profession, allowing me to give back.  Also, whats so nice as a player, through these type events over the years I’ve met some of my best friends. I would have to say charity events are the backbone of our sport setting it apart from most every other profession.

I’m headed home for a few days in the hopes to get recharged and start looking forward to my travel to California for the Toshiba Classic at Newport Country Club in Irvine, which is near Los Angeles. So until later, have a look at your equipment to make sure you are keeping current with all the latest improvements, which will help you play better in the spring. Thanks for keeping me posted on all your latest golf stories through my website. I promise I’ll do better keeping you updated as well. Sincerely, Chip