Thanksgiving 2013

Grateful Thanksgiving
Grateful Thanksgiving

Following up Thanksgiving this year in North Carolina is very hard to do. My whole family met at Mema’s house in Fayetteville and we had a wonderful time. Mema, or my Mom, said she thought her turkeys and all the food turned out as well as it ever has.  She was in great spirits and kept a very busy schedule every day. Thanksgiving day saw everyone having a very conversing, fun, and happy meal.  I was able to spend a few days with my mom, and at 82 she is going strong

I’m so impressed with her energy, love, joy for life, but most of all her compassion for everyone she meets. So here’s a toast to my mother on behalf of my whole family, that she will have many more wonderful years that bring her as much goodness and joy as she brings to everyone else.

As my year ends, I only played twelve times in 2013, which is like not playing because I’m use to playing at least twenty events a year. So it remains to be seen as to how many events I’ll play next year, however, I’m already stepping up my corporate outings, representing more companies, entertaining and enjoying the non competitive side of golf.  I’m actually looking forward to competing through the qualifying process on the Champion’s Tour, however, I really need a win to get back into it full time schedule.

It was very exciting to see my good friend Mike Reid qualify second in the National Qualifier in Florida. He told me he’s looking forward to having a full time job next year.  Mike will do well, he has such a great perspective about his life with his family and tour golf. His great joy for life will support him this coming year, along with his growing family.

Karen and I went to Jacksonville this past weekend to promote Grip Guides, and I must say I truly enjoyed her company and enthusiasm for her revolutionary idea. I think 2014 is going to be a banner year for Grip guides, as she has truly developed all the necessary supports to have her product go world wide.   The PGA Tour really knows how to throw a party. All the tournament directors were present for an outdoor party, and we both had a great time talking with all the various friends and associates. There were many people that we haven’t seen in a while, however, the vast majority we have an ongoing relationship with. So the parties were lots of fun, and I must say, I really enjoyed the low pressure of not competing in the off season.

Today I found out that Dick’s Sporting Goods Open in Endicott, NY won the Presidents award for best overall tournament for the second straight year. This is a huge honor because there are so many tournament organizations that do a wonderful job for their charities. Therefore, there are very specific criteria to meet and compare for the winner to be determined.   Mike Stevens and his staff congratulated Dicks Sporting Goods Open Tournament Director John Keredies for a very impressive year. Beating their performance in 2012 which set many records was truly an impressive accomplishment for his tournament sponsors, volunteers, and staff. Way to go Dicks!

This week I’m headed to Quebec City to help David Skitt, the Tournament Director of our  Canadian Champion’s Tour events, welcome our tournament and encourage people to enjoy the finest hospitality in Canada during our Championship next fall. Old Quebec is the cradle of French Civilization in North America, and will be an exciting place to enjoy during our event. Therefore, make plans to visit the Champions tour north of the border in September of next year, it will prove to be a highlight on our very diverse tour.

So until next time enjoy this Holiday Season and make the best of your life with good choices.


Chip Beck