The Year is Over 2010

The year is over for “dear old Chipper.” I’m sad to see the Champions Tour end so soon for me. I felt that I was capable of making the Charles Schwab Cup this year, however, finishing 49th gives me encouragement and determination to make 2011 a great season.  My driving stats improved dramatically this year, almost increasing my fairways hit by two each day, which is what I’m looking for. Also my putting is getting sharper, with as much improvement in the last few months as I’ve had in four years.  I’m on my way to making strong inroads into great performances, and making my career meaningful. After all, isn’t this what golf is all about?

The last two days I’ve been working out well on the elliptical machine, while pushing my weight program to a great start.  A priority for me now is to figure my schedule for the next four months.  Grey Oaks, new contracts, personal appearances, getting in shape, and family vacations are all on my plate to bring into balance, for a great start to next season.

Setting goals for the next few months is very important to me. Having an overall goal of where I would like to be in four months is the starting point. Next I like to set goals for my daily work to move me in a positive direction. I know if I let days go bye I’m missing a great opportunity for improving my life, getting ahead of the curve in development, and having more fun.  For sure, the discipline that I use now will allow me to play my best, enjoy the process of improving my life, all the while giving me something to look forward to.

So having finished the year, I’m headed to The University of Georgia for the new Lettermen’s Golf Outing at the University Course. I’m partnering with Bob Young, the Captain of my freshman year team.  Also I’m playing with John Gibbs and Gus Sylvan both whom I played with during my college days.  I love these guys that I haven’t seen in many years, therefore I look forward to catching up with old friends, while meeting many more great Georgia alums.  I’m staying with my college roommate Tim Simpson at his home in Reynolds Plantation, and can’t wait to taste his world famous barbecue. My son John will play Reynolds on Friday, and attend the game with me and my two older children that live in Atlanta on Saturday.  What a great weekend to look forward to.  I keep you posted when I return.   Have a great week, while also making your life better each and every day.    Love you all, Chip