Training Aid

2012 PGA Merchandise Show

The past few days I’ve been at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida helping my wife introduce to the golfing public her new invention which will help everyone improve their grip. I was helping her play the game and she said learning the grip is way too complicated and that she needed something that changes color like the mood ring that would indicate the proper grip. She created an adhesive backed strip that can be applied to any grip, forming a stencil as to hand placement that changes color when your hands are in the proper Vardon Grip.  I think it’s ingenious giving the fact that she is a beginning golfer. People always say I wish I could have thought of that it’s so effective and simple.  We had a great time meeting people from all over the world, and most importantly we enjoyed working together on a new project. I must say that my wife is the brain behind the company; however, it’s real funny to hear her say I’m just the pretty face.  She has worked with Hallcrest in Chicago that invented the thermo chromatic ink that makes the Grip Guides so unique.  Hallcrest is involved in many diverse industries from health care to the clothing industry, and has been a great partner for my wife.  We are looking forward to an interesting year with all this going on. This week I’m headed to Grey Oaks in Naples to practice and get myself ready for playing the Allianz Championship. It’s so exciting to look into the future and feel like life has so much to offer and that we are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to have our health to be able to go out a make our year very interesting while tackling all the challenges.  So keep the faith and I hope to catch up in a few weeks.    Your best golf is just a grip guide away.  Click  to see product demonstration and shopping cart