Year End Blog 2011

The Champion’s Tour is finally finished and just in time for Thanksgiving, which is so appropriate for such a great year that I had. I’m so thankful for all the people that I’ve met this year, the special events that took me to new places, and also for the safe travel of my family that is spread out all over the US. 2011 was a break out year for my game, I felt that I’ve played better in the past; however, I scored better this year through good putting. Callaway really set me up with

Chip Beck & Caddy Chris Frame

my equipment where for the first time I was able to play softer shafts to get a little bulk out of the club, but most importantly to get away from graphite shafts in my irons and play light weight steel shaft that are more stable or more consistent.  With the testing of the Razr Fit driver this week I’m headed for one more fitting which I know I’ll be even in better shape with my equipment for next year.  People don’t realize how important equipment is until they either have trouble or something breaks.  The pros know that equipment is one of the biggest pieces of the whole puzzle of playing professional golf. The support Callaway gives their players is beyond anything I have experienced in the past and I’m very thankful for all their diligence, professionalism, and kindness that they have shown me. I look forward to another great year in 2012.  There will be a new adjustable three wood in January which will be a great new addition to the brand. I can’t wait since most par fives are reachable with a three wood that is really strong and consistent.  Most rounds are improved by playing well on the par fives.  My best years have been when I’ve scored lower on the par fives. Even Jeff Sluman said he plays his best golf when he has a strong three wood, which allows him to hit the par fives.  Recently, he told me he hit a shot ten feet from 275 yards away and scored an eagle.  So this gives you some indicator how important to the psyche this ability is.

This month I’m looking forward to spending time at Grey Oaks in Florida with all the wonderful members from all over the world.  It’s such a great combination of challenging golf, interesting people, and an outstanding staff that makes for great food with an indescribable environment.  On top of all that add the Florida weather and you have something close to paradise.

Also, in the next few months I’m headed to Atlanta to celebrate with my 1% Club to raise money for my Alma matter, Georgia.  What happens is that we are going to go the SEC Championship game, have a great dinner and play some golf, while the players donate to the Georgia Golf Team 1% based on my earnings from this past year?  Coach Hack started this program for junior golfers when he was running a national program before he became coach of Georgia. By reinstituting the 1% Club for the Georgia Dawgs it gives the professional golfers a chance to contribute to a great cause that really helps the school but more importantly, it really helps the team reach their goal of being the best in the country.

So in closing, I’m truly thankful for the family blessings of this past year, both from my family of origin, and my wife and children, along with all my friends that encourage me every week.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fans and my God bless you all fully in this Holiday Season.  Sincerely, Chip Beck